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Avoiding the Shiny Object Syndrome to Improve Distribution Architecture ROI

Asset Managers have doubled their spending on distribution architecture and technology since 2019, but the ROI has not met expectations.


Sales & Marketing leaders need to think horizontally and avoid silo thinking when implementing their optimal distribution architecture. 

In collaboration with the SME Forum our Andy Ziegler moderated a panel with Distribution and Marketing executives from JP Morgan Asset Management, Fidelity, and Columbia Threadneedle. 

Our 10-minute cut of the webinar covers why distribution architecture should look across the sales, marketing functions, not just building a set of tools. 

When viewing our webinar, you will learn more about: 

  • Learning what shiny object syndrome is, and how it affects your bottom line
  • How to get buy-in across the organization 
  • Navigating the technology landscape and deciding the right time to invest  
  • Avoiding the "shiny object syndrome" and a muted ROI